Lenguas callejeras: paisajes colectivos de las lenguas que nos rodean. Guía para fomentar la conciencia sociolingüística crítica.

This guide inaugurates a series of resources for raising sociolinguistic awareness with which the EquiLing research-action project seeks to promote collaborative participation. We want to share the results of our research activity with society in order to encourage the accompaniment of all those people who (whether in formal or informal educational settings, in associations or in groups of various kinds) want a more inclusive and open model of linguistic citizenship. The aim of this exercise in open science for popular education is to focus on all those situations (very frequent, but often unnoticed) in which language plays a key role in the generation and reproduction of situations of inequality.

With this publication, we seek to address the unjust situations to which we draw attention and on which we share strategies and tools. Thus, we follow the conscientization method, proposed by Paulo Freire, of education for social change, which advocates that knowledge and reflection be understood as a collaborative and dialogical endeavour. It is therefore about joint awareness-raising that leads to action and, to this end, we offer guidelines, recommendations and a sequence of steps with which to put workshops into practice in places of study, work or volunteering. The guide includes support material: worksheets, videos, glossary and bibliography.

Enlace de descarga: https://octaedro.com/producto/lenguas-callejeras-paisajes-colectivos-de-las-lenguas-que-nos-rodean/