Intervention resource integrating sport, communication and language: section “Communication in sport”

This resource has been used in the research project “D ereduko kirola” (“Model D sport”). The importance of communication in improving sporting activity has been analysed from an anthropological point of view. Communication improves teamwork, motivation and even performance. For this reason, with the aim of developing the communicative competence of adolescents (12-15 years old) in sports teams, proposals are collected to increase the presence of Basque through this resource or intervention tool, which integrates sport, communication and language.

This resource is divided into three sections. The first section integrates reflection dynamics on the role played by sport in the communication of young sportsmen and sportswomen. We present it as a resource to channel group reflections.

The second section contains reflection dynamics, which are carried out together with young sportsmen and sportswomen to reflect on the role of Basque in sport.

In the third section, a dynamic is proposed to young sportsmen and sportswomen with the aim of making them see that language habits can be changed. We present it as a resource to induce change.

Jone Miren Hernández, Jaime Altuna & Maialen Iñarra